Transgender stand to pee

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For those that are unfamiliar with STPs, they are products that allow folks without penises to pee while standing up. STPs come in a variety of forms, the two most common forms are representational looks like a penis and non-representational does not look like a penis. Standing up to pee is useful in many situations.

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SincePeecock Products has been widely recognized as a one stop shop bringing stellar lifestyle solutions to Female-to-Males FTMs worldwide. Being a FTM-owned business, our understanding of transgender transition challenges and needs is second to none. Solving everyday challenges for FTM brothers makes us excited here at Peecock Products, and we are passionate about designing and creating FTM products that truly work for our community.

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The owner is cis, verbally abusive, and a flat earther for some reason. He sent me this after me asking about my order which was three weeks late and then promptly blocked me. He called me a fuck faced little kid and cancelled my order without refunding me.

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Introduction For many trans men, using the men's room for the first time is a big step in the transition process. This section provides information on using the men's room safely, as well as on methods and products that can be used to urinate while standing. This includes devices that serve as both a packer and as a stand-to-pee STP device. It should also be noted that certain genital surgeries can include a procedure called a "urethral hookup" or "urethral lengthening," which allows the recipient to urinate through his surgically constructed penis.

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He is a bi, polyamorous, and intersex trans man who writes about sex, sexuality, and sex toys. Check Kelvin out over at his website, CyborgDicks. For transmasculine people, they can serve as a way to combat dysphoria or for practical reasons, as it allows us to use urinals.

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Show less There are numerous products available to buy, but you can also make your own STP at home. Whatever you choose, be sure that you keep the STP clean, and practice using it at home before trying it when you are out.

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For a lot of trans guys being able to stand to pee STP is an important rite of passage that can help relieve some of the emotional and physical discomfort of being trans. Adopting this socialized male behavior can be liberating, alleviating anxiety around bathrooms, and make one feel more whole and complete. Learning to STP usually requires a little training at home and often trying out several STP devices before you find one that gets the job done.

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Stand tall when you stand to pee! Specially designed, Mr. Fenis is a penis shaped funnel which features a large opening at the tip for a non-restrictive flow. The soft, silicone moulds to your body's natural curves with ease and helps to avoid any leaks.

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Disclaimer: Some of the STP devices are specifically made to look like a penis either in generalized shape or in explicit details. As such, you should be aware that any images or links contained herein could be considered NSFW and may not be appropriate for younger members of our community. Cis men take for granted their ability to urinate while standing or being able to find a place to relieve themselves virtually anywhere.

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Just rinse after use if practical and wash with soap daily. All you need is snug fitting underwear for a completely natural looking erm… package. If you are looking for a high quality, realistic, comfortable and easy to use stand to pee packer that is safe for all day wear. It is particularly well suited for active people and looks natural in a rock climbing harness, tight clothing etc.


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