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Through the ages sex, sexuality and sexual practises has wavered in and out of favor, moving from one side of the moral scale of acceptability to the other. When at one time there would be near complete freedom, at other points in history, anything other than strict procreation was considered deviant. Divine Beginnings.

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Let's dive in, shall we? Art depicting sexual acts has been found around the globe, left behind by countless ancient peoples and dating back thousands of years. Author and scholar Thierry Leguay told Salon in that "the first clear real traces of fellatio are from ancient Egypt

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Osiris was killed by his brother and cut into pieces. His sister Iris put the pieces together but, by chance, the penis was missing. An artificial penis was made out of clay and Iris "blew" life into Osiris by sucking it.

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By Sean Braswell. From The Godfather to Deep Throatwhich was bankrolled by the Colombo crime family, the world of organized crime had a major hand in bringing the blow job — taboo for centuries — back into the American mainstream in the early s. But, as Thaddeus Russell recounts in A Renegade History of the United Statesoral sex was almost universally condemned as a sin from its earliest beginnings, and it really never made it off the brothel menu and into polite American society until well into the 20th century.

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According to recent press reports, Americans are having oral sex at alarmingly younger ages -- and with increasing nonchalance. Note: Oral sex here refers exclusively to fellatio. Oral sex precedes and often replaces sexual intercourse because it's perceived to be noncommittal, quick and safe.

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Blowjobs are a staple in and out of the bedroom, have you ever thought bout the rich historical legacy of this most famous form of foreplay? Even though BJs haven't exactly been a topic of conversation up until a few decades ago, they've been a deservedly popular sex act for thousands of years. So without further ado, the bountiful history of the glorious blowjob, courtesy of a new report from Mic:.

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Email address:. What happened when I tried to pay men for an orgasm. There was genuine bafflement from the heterosexual man camp as to why someone would withhold dining at the Y.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex.

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Fellatio also known as fellation[1] and in slang as blowjobBJgiving heador sucking off [2] is an oral sex act involving the use of the mouth or throatusually performed by a person on the penis of another person. If performed on oneself, the act is called autofellatio. Fellatio can be sexually arousing for both participants, and may lead to orgasm for the partner being fellated.


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